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Clicks, Gaps and repairs

Click flooring has become popular in the last few years and can be found in homes, businesses and places in between. It is advertised as easy to install and maintain and can be relatively inexpensive.

The thing to know about click flooring is that preparation to your sub floor is extremely important. If your sub floor is not smooth and flat your click flooring will have a gap under it that creates a bouncy feel to the floor. It won't be something that is a problem right away but these gaps will eventually allow your click flooring to separate and pull apart, leaving a gap that you can't get back together without removing all the flooring from the wall to the point where the gap occurs. Click flooring, once taken apart, never goes back together again the same way and if you don't correct the sub floor it will just separate again in the future. These repairs can be costly due to the time involved in removing the flooring, fixing the gap and replacing the flooring again.

Our Kolay flooring is perfect for homes that have flat floors that may have these settling gaps that create a problem with a rigid flooring product installation. Kolay flooring is flexable and will "hug" your floor so these gaps do not exist and do not need leveling before installation. Floors that have settled with the house over time will feel and appear as flat and no bouncy feeling will be produced by installing. Not only will you have a beautiful floor but there will be no separations caused by these unseen imperfections in your sub floor.

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