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We've all heard the saying "you get what you pay for" and flooring is no exception to that rule. You can buy cheaper flooring. Cheaper by the square foot of the flooring. To that you need to add underlayment and the time and tools required to install. You also need to determine just how long that flooring is going to last, what special cleaning or sealing products are recommended and how easy or not so easy are any repairs you need to make in the future.

Kolay is a high end flooring with an affordable price tag. You need no underlayment and can lay it down on any smooth flat surface. It installs super easy and quick with no clicks or locking channels to line up and pound together with special tools, and repairs are a breeze and do not require that you hire anyone else to do it for you. It is recommended that you clean with a simple mix of a cleaner such as Pine sol and water and there is no sealants or shine agents ever required. Kolay floors clean up super easy. So you sweep with either a broom or a hard floor sweeper (no beater bar on your vacuum) and mop. Easy peasy!

If you are thinking of changing out your flooring you need to consider what you spend up front and what the hidden costs are for time and labor, additional materials and whether or not you can make repairs simply or if you will need someone skilled to come into your home or business to make those repairs for you adding even more costs to maintain your floors.

We love Kolay free lay flooring and we are sure that once you make an educated comparison you will too!

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