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Don't take your shoes off and come on in!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Everyone wants a beautiful home. The quickest way to update and improve a room is to put in a new floor. The entire space just looks fresh and pretty. New floors are great if it doesn't mean that everyone has to take their shoes off, pets and kids can be allowed to play and run across them and you can relax in your home and not worry about what just got dropped or slid across the new floor. Wood floors are beautiful but require maintenance and care to avoid scratches and stains, stone and tile floors are beautiful but are cold and unforgiving when something is dropped onto them. Kolay solves all of those problems. Put in flooring that you and your family can actually live on. Our vinyl products look like wood or stone or cork but don't require all the maintenance and you can live in your home without always worrying about things damaging them. They are tough and beautiful. They are warm they are softer to stand on and the commercial grade wear layer means that they won't scratch or mar easily. Your friends and family will never know that it is vinyl unless you tell them! So pick out your beautiful and worry free floor that looks magazine ready and don't tell them that you don't spend any time worrying about your floor. They'll be surprised when you tell them to come on in and keep their shoes on if they like.

High Gloss Marble Tile

High gloss marble tile in a bathroom. The shine and the pattern mimic actual stone tile. You'd have to touch it to believe it wasn't stone.

The flooring pattern is called Apple and is installed in a herringbone design. You could not do this design with a click flooring but with Kolay's free lay system you can lay the tiles or planks in any direction you choose. Factory edge to factory edge means you have a lot of options!

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