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Keeping the look without the maintenance

Recently we looked at an older building for a client that wanted to stay true to the age of the building their business was located in. They wanted their decor and remodeling to enhance the age of the building without losing the character that comes with almost a century of history. A major concern was the floor. The old floor had been painted, sanded, painted again and was worn. It was hard to clean and hard to maintain in it's current condition. What they did not want was to put in a new floor that would look new and completely out of place with the rest of the building. Costs to restore the original floor were exorbitant and out of reach for them. Enter Kolay and all of the choices we could offer that they could not find in other flooring products.

Because Kolay makes so many patterns and textures to choose from we came up with a perfect solution! Kolay's "Going Country" collection offered them multiple color choices in a brand new floor that looked like it had aged perfectly from use and wear and created for them the easy to clean solution that they were looking for. Our clients are planning ahead and their goal is to be ready for installation of their new flooring in the summer of 2020. We can't wait to help them realize their dream remodel and help them to create the space that they want to make their customers comfortable when they are in their store.

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